David believes an exterior environment should be an extension of the interior environment. Landscaping and exterior design should be a reflection of the client likes, tastes and preferences with an emphasis on the importance of the client's specific exterior environment.

Particular attention for each design should be paid to existing site conditions, including architectural style, existing plant material, views, light, exposure, and drainage. A well-executed landscape design merges the client’s wish list with solid design principles that produce a unique-yet functional-landscape environment for the Client.


David Heller combines design proficiency, illustration skills and technical abilities, as well as horticulture knowledge to produce each landscape design.

After an initial consultation, he records and notes pertinate information about the site including surrounding land uses/views; sunlight/shade patterns; site access & circulation (both pedestrian and vehicular); identification and evaluation of exiting plant material; general interpretation of topographic conditions and water flows; as well as detectable utility locations/obstructions.

All of this information is critical to the preparation of a good landscape design that is useful to not only

the client, but also is a useful project tool for the landscape contractor that will likely implement the landscape plan.


At Heller & Associates, LLC, the emphasis is on developing a landscape design to suit the client’s needs, enhance the interior/exterior relationship and transition. David can create a unique landscape plan that may incorporate vistas, focus views (or shield undesirable views), and establish a landscape planting palate diverse in color, texture and scale.

David can be contracted for a complete master plan landscape design, or portion thereof. Fees for services vary on the scope and scale of the project, as well as desired services of a landscape architect.


David can provide distinctive design, detailing, and assist in the contractor selection for large scale construction or landscape renovations to create award-winning landscape architecture from start to finish. David’s work and intuition blends the indoor and outdoor living spaces which reflect the individual lifestyle of the client.

Winnetka Residence (2000)
Constructed by Associated Landscape Management
Northbrook, Illinois